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Trenner Law Firm does not automatically accept everyone who inquires as a client. Before being accepted as a client, we must verify first that there would be no conflicts of interest with the matters we are handling for our current clients. We also evaluate the subject matter of your invention, to ensure that it is something we have experience handling. Timing is also important – Trenner Law Firm only accepts a limited number of matters at any given time, so that we can provide prompt and efficient service to all of our clients. This selection process helps us to better serve the clients we do accept to work with Trenner Law Firm.

Find out whether you would be a good fit with Trenner Law Firm.

Before we can begin, we need some information about you and your subject matter so that we can ensure there are no conflicts before you disclose the details of your matter to us, and before Trenner Law Firm can agree to represent you. Right now, we just need some basic information (please use the Form below). If we believe there is an opportunity for you to work with Trenner Law Firm, we will send you our full Registration Package.

Trenner Law Firm uses the information we collect from you to communicate with you in the future if you are accepted as a client of Trenner Law Firm. We do not share this information with anyone else.

Trenner Law will not take any action on your behalf until an attorney-client relationship is created. Submitting information to Trenner Law Firm does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Please call 720-221-3708 if you do not receive a response within 1 business day.

If you would like to be considered, please answer the following questions for us:

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